Nigel Sylvester films the perfect Dubai tourism video as part of his ‘Go’ series

Dubai has no shortage of things to do and places to visit for residents and tourists alike, but one celebrity guest to the city, professional BMX rider Nigel Sylvester, took that to the extreme on a recent visit.

The 29-year old Nike-sponsored athlete released a video to his YouTube that manages to perfectly capture the true diversity of the city. Filmed from a first person perspective, the nearly seven minute video follows Sylvester as he stunts his way across popular Dubai attractions, both old and new.

From sky diving headfirst (bike still attached!) into the desert to cycling the wrong way up Sheikh Zayed Road to haggling with a vendor at the Spice Souk, the whole thing is pretty epic.

You can check out the video below. How many different parts of Dubai can you spot?

There are even a couple of local and international celebrity guest cameos from the likes Rashed Belhasa (aka Money Kicks), Salt bae and Tinie Tempah.

The video is the fourth in Sylvester’s ‘Go’ series which has seen him stunt around iconic cities including New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Call us biased, but we reckon this is his best one yet.

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Images: screengrabs