But remember, it might be a bit of a false start: September is mighty humid.

Noticed how the walk from the metro to work is a little bit less sweaty this week? (Emphasis on the ‘little bit’.) Well that’s because it’s all downhill from here, with summer ‘officially’ over in a few days (although we all know that Dubai has just two seasons – summer and winter – rather than the usual four).

The temperature forecast in Dubai today is for a range between 31 degrees Celsius and 42 degrees Celsius.


According to official data, the mean Dubai temperatures in July and August sit at around 35 degrees Celsius, and then drop by around 3 degrees to 32 degrees Celsius in September (and then sit at 29 degrees in October). Sure, this isn’t a massive change, but it could definitely explain why those of us who’ve stayed in Dubai for the whole summer are starting to feel some respite.

The max temperature recorded in Dubai Airport’s weather station in the past 39 years in August was 48.5 degrees Celsius, while in September it was 45.1 degrees Celsius. And the minimum temperature ever recorded in September at the same weather station is 22 degrees Celsius (while the minimum temperature recorded in October was 14 degrees, so that’s when we’ll feel a real change).

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But remember, this initial cooling down can sometimes be a bit of a false start: September can be a tough time to get from A to Z on foot in Dubai because of the humidity. Humidity rises from about 73% in July and August to 80% in September.


So definitely expect a dip in the heat from now on, although a meaningful drop in temperatures isn’t likely until about three weeks into September according to the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), which told Gulf News earlier this month that the heat will ease off at around September 21 this year.

Why? Well that’s when “the sun’s rays cross the equator”, meaning “temperatures will gradually decrease below the tropical area”.

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