‘Smart Labour’ gives blue collar workers vouchers for food and phone credit in exchange for taking part in language courses…

According to statistics released last year by the Permanent Committee for Labour Affairs (PCLA), there are over half a million unskilled labourers living and working in Dubai.

Many of them may not have access to some of the modern conveniences that we otherwise take for granted living in what is fast becoming one of the most futuristic cities on the planet. That is until now.

‘Smart Labour’ is a free smartphone app designed to help UAE’s blue collar workers educate themselves, bringing them up to date with the many technological advancements that the country is currently undergoing.

Implementing a “Learn & Earn” system, labourers can take part in language and communication courses that, once completed, can be exchanged for talk time and mobile data on their existing smartphone via a voucher system.

The app is translated into Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Urdu, Bengali, Arabic and English for the widest possible reach.

Videos giving advice on financial management and information about company etiquette in the UAE are also a key part of the app’s feature set. Workers are able to request food vouchers (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) from within the app, as well as arrange for a second hand mobile phone should any be available in the system.

The startup behind the app, Black&White Computer Trading, is one of three UAE companies awarded Dhs1 million earlier this year as part of Expo Live, a fund of over Dhs360 million reserved to support projects that offer creative solutions to improve people’s lives. They’ve clearly put that money to good use.

A report by The Khaleej Times notes that the app already has in excess of 12,500 registered users since launching in May 2016. There are plans to expand its scope further, allowing companies and private residents to take part in an “online rewards store” ramping up the kinds of incentives that users will be able to claim on in the near future.

The app is available on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

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