Here’s why you should never let road rage get the better of you…

A British tourist is facing jail after he raised his middle finger at a driver on Dubai’s Al Khail Road.

Jamil Ahmed Mukadam, from Leicester, told the BBC he reacted “in frustration” when the driver cut him off in traffic.

The incident occurred in February, but the IT worker was arrested when he returned to Dubai for a second holiday on September 10.

According to the BBC, his passport has been confiscated and he has been told he must remain in the city to await a court hearing.

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Legal experts say he could be fined, or face anywhere from one to six months in prison. 

Dubai Police said in a statement it had arrested a British national for an “offensive road gesture”, after receiving an official complaint.

The complainant was with his family at the time, and considered the act a “disrespectful and humiliating gesture” towards him and his family, Dubai Police said.

“Dubai Police assures all visitors, expats and citizens they are equal before law and reiterates its commitment to transparency in such cases.”

If you’re ever unsure about the laws in the UAE, you can read much of the Emirates’ legislation (it’s broken up by topic) here. Also, each Ministry has the laws related to them on their website (so, for instance, the Ministry of Labour’s site has a lot of information on the Labour Law).

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