With over 200 nationalities in the city, it’s no easy feat…

There are few major metropolitan cities in the world where one can wander the streets day or night and feel completely secure. Dubai, however, has always felt safe thanks to a top-class police force and low crime rate, and now we have the stats to prove it.

Dubai Police conducted a survey in which 95.3 per cent of the city’s residents said that they felt secure, with 97.8 per cent of those surveyed stating that they trust the integrity of the police department.

Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of Criminal Investigation Affairs at Dubai Police, said that the study, which was conducted in cooperation with CID, included a sample size from many of the 200 nationalities found in the emirate such as Arabs, Asians and other foreign nationals.

He attributed this overall feeling of security to the “unique model” that the UAE has implemented in establishing good relations between the many communities of varied races, nationalities and social backgrounds that call the country their home.

Al Mansouri went on to praise the police’s efforts in actively protecting the rights of individuals and organisations, and added that the country has not experienced religious or ideological conflicts, despite the presence of so many nationalities.

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