Salem is a new smart system designed to help slash wait times…

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) have announced a new paperless electronic screening system set to slash the time it takes to process the mandatory health check residents must undergo when applying for or renewing their residency visa.

Dubbed ‘Salem’, the new smart system is already live across all 16 DHA medical fitness centres and will cut down wait times of issuing health checkup results and processing resident ID from around an hour to less than one minute. That’s pretty impressive.

It also significantly minimises human interaction and can deliver blood and x-ray results electronically.

Sounds great, so how does it work?

If you’re processing your visa by yourself you’ll need to visit any DHA medical fitness centre and update your details. Once done, the results are stored via the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs and will be emailed to you directly so there’s no need to call up or revisit the centre to collect the results. You’ll also get a text message alerting you that the results are ready. It’s really that simple.

The news was published in an official statement from the DHA that also marked the opening of a new medical fitness centre in Jumeirah Lakes Towers with the capacity to handle upwards of 5,000 customers per day.

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Images: Getty