And public transport timings are also being extended…

Who’s ready for the long weekend? Yep, us too. But hang on, we have one more bit of good news before we all clock off and check out for three days of rest and relaxation.

The RTA has officially announced that parking will be free across Dubai to coincide with the Islamic New Year holiday, starting Thursday 21 September and extending until Saturday 23.

That’s all paid parking zones throughout the city, excluding multi-level parking lots.

Sounds great, but what about public transport?

Well, while Dubai’s many public transport services won’t be going gratis over the long weekend, the RTA has also announced that hours will be extended to help handle the increase in foot traffic.

On Thursday, the Dubai Metro Red Line stations will operate from 5.30am to 1am the following day, with the Green Line stations running from 5.50am to 1am.

The Dubai Tram will also see its hours extended, running from 6.30am on Thursday until 1am the following day.

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Images: Getty