It’s in celebration of KSA’s 87th National Day…

Noticed how in the space where your phone normally says just Etisalat or du in the top lefthand corner it now says ‘UAE KSA TOGETHER’?

Well, that’s because it’s Saudi Arabia’s National Day this Saturday September 23, and it’s clearly Etisalat and du’s way of showing support for our neighbour.

It’s a simple move, but with basically everyone owning a mobile phone, it’s certainly a wide-reaching one (although many of us in the office with Android devices can’t see it)…

Saudi Arabia was formed on September 23 1930 when Abdul-Aziz bin Saud, the leader of the Al Saud tribe, unified the two kindgoms of Hejaz and Najd into what we now know as KSA.

In other celebrations, visitors from Saudi Arabia will be gifted sweets and flowers upon their arrival into Dubai International Airport today, while Circle Cafes across the UAE will be giving a free slice of patriotic cake to every table on Saturday. Also, Waed and Rakan Khaled will perform at Dragon Mart 2 on Friday and Balqees and Dalia Mubarak will sing at City Walk on Saturday.

Expect to see lots of green flags flying around the UAE this weekend (and remember, it’s only just over two months until UAE National Day!).

Images: Supplied, Getty 

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