The drones will provide live video updates during a blaze…

Drones are revolutionizing emergency services in Dubai. Last month, Dubai Police revealed it was going to start using drones to monitor traffic. Now, Dubai Civil Defence is introducing drones to aid in firefighting missions.

The new drones, which were unveiled at GITEX Technology Week, will be able to fly over the scene of a fire or traffic accident, and provide live video back to the control room of Dubai Civil Defence. 

This video posted by the Dubai Media Office shows exactly how the drones will work:

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Basically, the drones will help staff in the control room gain faster insight into the emergency situation, so they can respond more effectively.

“One of our key responsibilities to the public is to remain fully alert while managing our resources effectively and efficiently in facing emergency situations,” said Colonel Ali Hassan Al Mutawa, assistant director of the Smart Services Department at Dubai Civil Defence.

“By collecting real-time video information faster and sharing that intelligence across more channels, we are better able to help Dubai progress towards its goal of becoming the happiest city in the world and achieve its Smart Vision goals.”

Pretty cool, right? But it’s certainly not the only trick Dubai Civil Defence has up its sleeve. Earlier this year, the force started using jetpacks to tackle blazes.

Named ‘Dolphin’, the curious piece of equipment uses water pressure generated by an attached jet ski to shoot water at high pressure to raise the fireman into the sky.

It really works, too. In February, a fire broke out on a boat in Dubai Creek, and Dubai Civil Defence was able to use its firefighting jetpacks to save the lives of 14 sailors.

We can’t wait to see what gadget they come up with next…

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