They’ll be watching your every move…

Earlier this week, we reported that Dubai Police has a clever new device – the smart controller – for catching reckless road users. But if you thought you could outsmart the smart controller, well, Dubai Police just so happens to have another gadget up its sleeve.

The futuristic force has announced it will now be able to monitor traffic anywhere in the city, thanks to the help of some high-tech drones.

These drones will be able to capture live recordings of the roads, which will be broadcast back to a command room using 4G technology.

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“The new technology will help to record events, emergencies, disasters and accidents in Dubai and live broadcast to the command room so the officer can take proper decisions on time,” Major-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, commander-in-chief of Dubai Police, told Gulf News.

Lieutenant Mohammed Omar Al Muhairi, director of the drone project, said the aerial devices were equipped with long-life batteries so they would be able to stay in the sky as long as possible.

These drones appear to be a very similar concept to the “flying radars” that Dubai Police showcased during the 2014 Gitex Technology Week.

At the time, the force said it was looking at introducing drones with built-in speed cameras to nab naughty motorists.

Dubai Police also has an impressive fleet of drones for monitoring big public events, such as sports matches, festivals and concerts.

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