He has plans to also help out troubled areas a little closer to home in the near future…

Rashed Belhasa (aka Money Kicks on social media) is best known for his lavish lifestyle and love of Louis Vuitton.

But earlier this week, Dubai’s self-proclaimed ‘rich kid’ took to his Instagram to announce that he will be embarking on a far more altruistic endeavour – helping the victims of Hurricane Maria that has recently decimated the US island of Puerto Rico.

In a two-minute video shared with his 830,000 plus followers, Belhasa urges viewers to get involved in anyway they can, telling those in New York specifically to head to their nearest drop-off centre to donate much-needed supplies such as water, food and soap.

He cites his father as the main source of inspiration to get behind the cause, saying: “From all the years of watching my father help with the Middle East like Syria, Yemen, Palestine and so many other parts of the world, I decided to follow his footsteps and start the good deeds of humanity on my own.”

The video ends with a link pointing viewers in the direction of where they can donate via Tidal, the music-streaming company owned by none other than hip hop mogul Jay-Z.

Belhasa will be travelling to Puerto Rico himself on October 5, to put his, ahem, money where his mouth is, and announced that he has plans to start additional relief missions in other troubled areas a little closer to home such as Syria, Palestine and Jordan in the near future.

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Image: screengrabs