Hooray for nonstop nattering to a country of your choice…

Do you rack up a massive phone bill every month calling friends and family overseas? Oh, we feel you.

While chatting on Whatsapp is a great way to stay in touch with loved ones, there’s nothing better than having a good old chinwag over the phone – but it sure can get expensive.

Luckily, Etisalat has just announced a new ‘Unlimited International Calling’ plan for all its existing fixed-line customers.

For Dhs150 per month, you can choose from a list of 64 countries and nominate one which you can then make unlimited international calls to, whether they are to a fixed line or mobile.

(Remember, this only applies to calls made from your Etisalat landline to an international number in the country of your choice, but you’ve probably been looking for an excuse to start using the landline again anyways.)

The plan is contract-free so you can add and remove it as needed, and it works with all of Etisalat’s current home phone services, including eLife.

International calls to other countries will continue to be charged at the standard rate.

You can visit the Etisalat website for more info.

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Images: Getty