The Dubai Municipality is cracking down on its e-cigarette ban.

Dubai Municipality has reminded residents that smoking in the entrances of shopping malls is against the UAE’s public smoking laws, even if it’s a vape or e-cigarette. 

A ban on smoking in public places (such as malls, hotels and souks) was implemented in 2009 and includes e-cigarettes as well as more traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes and pipes.

In fact, the sale and import of electronic cigarettes is currently not legal in the UAE, and while the government has been somewhat lax about enforcing this, it looks like they are about to start cracking down.

Anyone caught using an e-cigarette either inside or near the entrance of a shopping mall in Dubai will be subject to a Dhs2,000 fine. Mall security officers will also have the right to report repeat offenders to the police.

Dubai Municipality has said it will be taking action against any shops found to be selling e-cigarettes as they are in direct violation of UAE federal law.

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