In celebration of UAE National Day, the Birthday of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and Commemoration Day…

We’ve been eagerly awaiting news announcing the last long weekend of 2017 – and it’s potentially a big one, combining three days of celebration into a mega-long four-day weekend.

And we have some good news for public sector workers: it has been confirmed that government offices will be closed from Thursday 30 November until Saturday 3 December according to state news agency WAM.

The days off in question correspond to the Birthday of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and Commemoration Day both on 30 November, as well as the 46th UAE National Day which this year falls on Saturday 2 December.

Ministries and government offices will reopen on Monday 4 December.

There’s still no word on how the long weekend will fall for private companies, and with National Day falling on the Saturday it could mean that it will simply be kept to a (still good) three-day weekend. (Remember many people in the private sector in Dubai actually work on Saturdays).

We will be sure to update you as soon as we receive official word.

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