The Bronze Age dig site dates back around 5,000 years…

Back in 1977, French archaeologists began excavation on the remains of a Bronze Age settlement in Al Ain that has been useful in helping understand how people lived in this part of the world around 5,000 years ago.

The National is reporting that the Unesco World Heritage site Hili 8 is now for the first time open to the public. That’s a big win for history buffs in the UAE.

Emirati archaeologists and experts from the US, Austria and France have been working at the site since March and have uncovered remains of artefacts such as pottery fragments as well as evidence of copper mining.

It is believed that the settlement was once a complex, active trading hub that traded with other communities along the coast of the country. What remains today are primarily tombs and the exposed foundations of buildings.

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The Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism was offering tours to the public earlier this week including a group of school children. There are plans for more tours to the dig site in the near future.

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