You’ll be allowed to deck out your ride this year, but only if you follow some strict rules…

One of the most patriotic things that people do to show their love of the UAE over National Day is deck out their cars in decals of the UAE flag and its leaders. But did you realise that it’s actually not technically allowed under UAE law?

Luckily, however, for those wishing to go all patriotic on their auto for the big day a series of guidelines have been issued by Abu Dhabi Police that allow for the decoration of vehicles between November 22 and December 6.

There are a few strict rules to adhere to however…

Changing a vehicle’s colour, obscuring license plates and adding noisy accessories are strictly prohibited. As is covering up the vehicle’s windshield – although that should be fairly obvious.

It is also not permitted to carry more than the maximum number of passengers allowed in the vehicle, and neither should those passengers be sticking any body parts out of the car’s sunroof or windows.

Police will be out in force over the National Day weekend to ensure the safety and security of the public, so if you plan to decorate your care make sure to stick within the guidelines.

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