You’ll be able to check the nutritional information of food in over 20,000 outlets…

Dubai Municipality have announced plans to release a new mobile app designed to help you be smarter about what you eat.

‘Food Watch’ is a platform that will be rolling out to over 20,000 F&B establishments in the emirate – the principal idea behind it being to digitize food safety and nutritional information.

It will allow residents to check what food items are available at participating restaurants and, more importantly, see what their ingredients are and if they are organic/healthy.

Unveiled at the 11th Dubai International Food Safety Conference, the app (and corresponding website) will be used by the Dubai Food Safety Department to trace the safety of food from farm to fork, essentially building out a database that will let consumers customise their eating habits according to individual preferences.

While you don’t have to tell us that the fourth pizza slice we just scoffed down has double our recommended calorie intake for the week, we can see how knowing more about the ingredients that go into the food being served at restaurants could be a great help to those who are looking to live a more healthy lifestyle.

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