The special “fly-past” took place during the Dubai Air Show last week…

The Dubai Airshow wrapped up last week and in amongst all private jet parties and J-Lo concerts, Emirates took to the skies to treat visitors to a very impressive stunt.

Two of the airline’s most popular aircraft – a Boeing 777-300ER and an A380 – performed a special fly-past above the runways of Dubai World Centre.

This is the first time either aircraft has performed a flying display together, and both were decked out in special decal as a tribute to HH Sheikh Zayed, the late founding father of the UAE.

What made the display even more special was the addition of a squadron of jets from the UAE’s air display team, Al Fursan. The seven fighter planes closely followed the two Emirates aircraft in an arrow formation with a stream of coloured smoke (their trademark) trailing behind them.

It truly was a sight to behold and luckily the whole thing was captured on video so you can take a look for yourself:

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Image: Emirates