They’ve got that sunshine in their (very-well-pressed) pockets…

It’s Thursday, you’ve had a busy few days… well, let us gift you this little gem to cheer up the end of your working week immensely.

Oman’s Royal Guard Military band performed at the Royal Opera House in Muscat earlier this month for their popular annual military music concert.

The three-night show involves a lot of formation marching, as well as bands from the Royal Guard, the army, the navy, the air force, and the Royal Oman Police.

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Well, while there our neighbour’s Royal Guard performed a cover of Justin Timberlake’s infectious Can’t Stop the Feeling, as seen in this video shared by The Times of Oman, and we love it…

They can’t stop the feeling (and neither can we)…

(Yes, that is a mini brass band going electric, wavy on the balcony). 

There’s something about the earnest nature of a military band combined with the peppiness of Justin Timberlake – it’s the fusion of genres we never knew we needed, but know that we’ve heard it we want more.

We particularly love the moments in the video when the stern military performers can’t help but crack a smile (who can blame them? It’s a joyous tune…).

Here’s a snap of the beautiful Royal Opera House Muscat where they were performing (one of the things that makes the Omani capital a great long weekend break for those of us in Dubai):

Hat-tip: Times of Oman

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Image: Getty & Supplied