Family-only days designed to help manage flow of visitors to the park but bad weather may cause it to close down until further notice…

Since opening its doors to the public last week (for free, no less!), Dubai Safari has been a hubbub of activity, with literally thousands of visitors flocking to the park to catch a glimpse of the more than 2,500 animals living there.

The announcement of the park being free to enter until December 26 has led to some pretty massive queues, however, with some people having to wait several hours in order to just to get in the front gate.

To that end, Dubai Safari announced over the weekend via social media that they will be holding two special, family-only days this week on Monday 18 and Wednesday 20 December, so that visitors with young children can have easier access to the park and shorter wait times.

However, a Tweet went out earlier today announcing that due to the recent spate of bad weather that is sweeping the UAE, the Dhs1 billion park will be closed today (Sunday 17 December) and expected to reopen only once things clear up a bit.

Will this affect the newly announced family days? We suppose that depends on whether it’s still raining tomorrow, but we suggest checking Twitter or calling ahead before making plans to head to Dubai Safari this week.

In the meantime we recommend checking out this rather adorable video of Instagram celeb @maj touring Dubai Safari:

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