HQ Trivia is a new app-based game show in the States, but geography, it seems, isn’t one of their specialist subjects…

A game show you play through your phone has come under fire for claiming the UAE capital is actually a country. HQ Trivia launched last month on Android and iOS phones – players compete every night at 9pm Eastern Time in the US, and at 3pm on weekdays. The game has a host who asks contestants multiple choice questions, with three potentially correct answers. If you don’t click on the right answer in 10 seconds, you’re out of the game.

But if this question is anything to go by, it looks like HQ Trivia needs some new quiz masters.

It didn’t take long for other players to point out their mistake as well.

So why are people getting so annoyed? Because if you answer a question correctly, you earn money. People then didn’t click on Abu Dhabi because, you know, it’s not a country.

It’s not the first time the app has come under fire for its questions. The app, which the New York Times recently called, ‘the best worst thing on the internet‘ caused a social media meltdown last month over the plural spelling of the word octopus.

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