If you text to pay for your parking, then make sure you use these new codes, which have been launched today

Abu Dhabi’s Department Of Transport has announced a new way to pay for your parking in the capital – if you use SMS, from now on, you’ll be entering a new code that includes info on the emirate your car is registered in. Check out the tweet below from the DoT.

So you’ll still be sending an SMS to 3009, but now you have to enter one of the above emirate codes. So if you have a Dubai plate, you’d need to type DXB, followed by the plate category, then the plate number. Then you type S or P, depending on the type of parking (standard or premium), followed by the number of hours. So, for example, if your Dubai plate was H 83256 and you wanted to park in standard parking for three hours, you’d type DXBH 83256 S 3.

Prices for parking and all other regulations remain the same. Previously, if your car had a plate from any emirate apart from the capital, you had to register its details online with Mawaqif. With these new codes, you no longer have to do that.

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