Summon a feeder bus to pick you up and drop you off, for free

On-demand taxi services like Uber and Careem are awesome, but there’s no denying that you do end up paying a premium to use them.

Many of Dubai’s residents opt instead to use the city’s public transport systems to get to and from work and home. The trouble is, of course, you’re then stuck at the mercy of both bus schedules and that nagging need for just another 5 minutes in bed each morning.

Well, the RTA is looking to bring some of that on-demand convenience to its public bus system, with the launch of a new app called MVMANT.

Available to download for free on both iPhone and Android, the app allows you to summon an 18-seater feeder bus that operates on flexible routes and schedules, and will collect you from your current location and shuttle you to one of the pre-selected destinations in your area. Best of all, it’s completely free to use (for now), and you can even pick which seat you want when making the booking.

Originally the service was only available in the Al Barsha and Al Warqaa neighbourhoods, but as of April 15 2018 it has been expanded to include Media City with several key stops around the area such as Nakheel Harbour & Tower Station, American University of Dubai, Dubai Commercial Bank, and Aurora Tower amongst others.

The service will continue to be free to users for the first three months, perfect for those needing to move around in that area for meetings during the summer.

Here’s hoping it’s adopted elsewhere in the city in the near future.

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