The streaming music service has posted job listings for two positions based out of Dubai

Online streaming music service Spotify is currently not available in the UAE – at least not without jumping through a number of hoops.

That seems like it’s about to change, however, as the Swedish company last week posted a pair of job listings on its website advertising for roles based out of an office in Dubai.

The two positions are for a Senior Editor and a Technical Account Manager, both covering the MENA region.

Both positions are looking for candidates with previous experience working in the music industry, which indicates that Spotify could be looking at focusing on promotion of regional artists, as well as streaming you the latest Beyoncé album.

There’s no firm date yet on when we can expect the service to launch regionally, but this hiring ramp-up is as good an indication as any that we should expect an official announcement sooner rather than later.

The introduction of Spotify will add a viable third option to music fans in the UAE, where currently the only available streaming services are Apple Music and Anghami.

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