A fee for purchasing an alcohol licence is also being introduced…

Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism is introducing new fees for alcohol sales in the capital.

Effective from Friday June 15, a 30 per cent tax will be applied to alcohol sold in off-licence outlets to individuals. This will bring Abu Dhabi in line with Dubai, which already has the tax on alcohol sales.

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An additional fee for purchasing a mandatory alcohol licence will also be introduced on the same day, which will be priced at Dhs230 and valid for two years. The special licence for non-Muslims was previously free in Abu Dhabi, provided applicants were over the legal drinking age (21), possessing a residency card and earning more than Dhs3,000 a month.

This information was shared by one Abu Dhabi retailer:

A circular was issued to retailers at the end of May informing them of the changes.

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