Need an odd job done in Dubai? There’s now an app for that…

Ever had the water heater in your apartment burst and been unsure of who to call? How about needing to have your air conditioner serviced before the summer properly kicks in? There are a number of odd jobs that are part and parcel of being a resident of Dubai that often require having a team of handymen on speed dial if one isn’t naturally predisposed to a bit of DIY.

Thankfully (and you probably guessed this was coming), there’s now an app for that. ServiceMarket is an online marketplace for all the jobs that you can’t quite figure out how to do yourself. The app gives you easy access to over 200 registered partners across 25 different services including electricians, plumbers, removalists, cleaners and more.

Each service has subcategories so you can more easily pinpoint the kind of jobs you need help with, therefore getting a more accurate quote for how much it will cost.

Best of all, everything can be booked and paid for directly through the app, although you can choose to pay with cash if you prefer.

How does it work?

Once you load up the app you’re presented with a list of all 25 available services to choose from. ServiceMarket doesn’t actually provide any of these themselves, but simply hooks you up with one of their 200 registered partners who should be able to help you.

After choosing what job you want done, you’ll need to input details such as how many hours you think the work will take, the date/time you would like it done and your address. You’ll also be presented with a per-hour estimate of how much the work should cost.

Upon confirming, ServiceMarket will then put you in direct contact with five different companies for you to choose which one is best suited. That means there’s no need to phone around trying to get the best quote for repainting your villa or wall-mounting your new flat screen TV.

From there your booking should proceed, and there’s even a handy calendar built in to keep track of upcoming bookings.

ServiceMarket is a good-looking and well thought out app that makes hiring and scheduling odd jobs in Dubai a breeze. Of course, the quality and scope of the work you need done will ultimately affect your experience with the app, but as a platform to put residents more easily in touch with handymen it’s a surefire winner in out book.

ServiceMarket is free (with In-App Purchases) and available now for iOS and Android smartphones.

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