The offer is available to new customers on postpaid Etisalat mobile plans…

Etisalat is offering customers free access to Apple Music for six months if they sign up to one of its consumer postpaid plans.

Apple Music is Apple’s online music streaming service which gives users access to millions of songs across its suite of devices including the iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch, as well as on PC and Android phones.

The plans on offer attached to the deal are ‘New Postpaid’, ‘Smart’ and ‘Emirati’ and are only available to new Etisalat customers. The telephone operator’s existing customers will be able to add Apple Music to their current contracts but will be immediately charged a monthly rate of Dhs19.99.

The same Dhs19.99 fee will be applicable to new customers once the initial 6-month trial has ended.

Apple traditionally offers a 3-month free trial for Apple Music to new users, so this deal from Etisalat doubles the amount of free music streaming you get, which is not bad in our book. Sadly, you can’t combine the two – we checked.

After the scanning the terms and conditions (so you don’t have to!) we also spotted this line:

We reached out to Etisalat for clarification and a spokesperson responded with the following statement:

“The six months access is available through Etisalat, while the three months is available directly through Apple. These are two different subscription channels.”

“[C]ustomers can avail of the three months directly from Apple; but if they want to opt-in [to] Etisalat’s six months offer, they can, but they would have to cancel the Apple direct subscription to avoid having two active billing subscription with both Apple and Etisalat.”

“In the event that a customer had already redeemed the three months free Apple Music directly from Apple, he or she can also avail of Etisalat’s exclusive six months offer. Customers need to keep in mind that if they cancel and take up Etisalat’s exclusive Apple Music offer, they will not lose any of their playlists or content, as they would log in using the same Apple ID.”

For a full list of the plans on offer or to sign up visit the Etisalat website.

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