The study looked at 48 different cities from across the globe

Do you think that you aren’t being paid enough? Well, it might be time to quit your whining (or find another job!) as a new report ranks salaries in Dubai amongst the highest in the world.

A study conducted by Deutsche Bank found that Zurich, Switzerland offers the highest monthly salary out of 48 cities surveyed, at US$5,764. Second and third place went to US cities San Francisco and New York respectively.

Dubai was not that far behind, however. Our favourite emirate came in at number nine, with an average monthly income of US$3,447, or just over Dhs12,500. Gulf News reports that salaries in Dubai have dropped from the previous year’s average of $3,548.

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It’s interesting to note that Dubai was the only GCC city listed in the top 10, also beating out other popular expat destinations such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

The top 10 list is as follow:

  1. Zurich, Switzerland: $5,764
  2. San Francisco, US: $4,974
  3. New York City, US: $4,115
  4. Sydney, Australia: $3,914
  5. Boston, US: $3,740
  6. Oslo, Norway: $3,664
  7. Chicago, US: $3,650
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark: $3,462
  9. Dubai, UAE: $3,447
  10. Frankfurt, Germany: $3,389

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