Al Maktoum International is set to become a hub for future forms of transportation…

Dubai International airport is one of the busiest in the world, and with no signs of slowing down, the government is keen to look beyond conventional forms of passenger transport.

The Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects initiative, announced this week, would look at transforming Al Maktoum International airport into hub for supersonic, hypersonic and space travel, as well as standard aircraft.

The multi-mode super port project will eventually become the premier hub for future travel, featuring the region’s first space port and launch site. The below infographic shows the various stages it would go through to reach ‘cosmotropolis’ status:

The basic idea would be to allow passengers to transfer seamlessly from conventional aircraft to spacecraft and vice versa.

A short video posted by Dubai Media Office on Twitter goes on to explain how the hub would also connect land-based transport methods such as car, train and even hyperloop for a seamless travel experience for future passengers.

The initiative falls under Dubai’s 10X plans to put the city 10 years ahead of its global peers.

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Images: Dubai Media Office, Gulf Business