Motorists who use the new premium lane will also be entitled to discounts on car washes and refreshments…

Back in April, Adnoc announced that it would undergo a trial at 40 of its service stations in the capital whereby customers would have the option to either fill up their cars themselves, or pay a fee to have an attendant do it for them.

During the trial period the fee was waived as a way to allow motorists to become accustomed to the change, however the Abu Dhabi-based company has now announced that from Saturday, June 30 all 150 of its service stations will adopt the new ‘Adnoc flex’ system.

The cost of this premium option will be Dhs10 (on top of the cost of the actual petrol) starting from midnight on Friday. Aside from pumping your petrol, the attendant will also wash your windshield and check your tyre pressure.

Of course, motorists do have the option of filling up themselves, and there will be specially-marked lanes at every service station demarcating the self-service and premium areas.

A ‘smart tag’ service is also being introduced that will allow motorists to pay for refueling with a tag affixed to their vehicle. The tag can be topped up online, and customers can book an installation appointment which incurs a Dhs50 activation fee that is redeemable for fuel.

Adnoc confirmed that the elderly and people with special needs are exempt from the Dhs10 charge, and that in the case that someone may not be able to leave their vehicle (due to injury, for example) the fee could potentially be waived.

Motorists who use the premium lane will also be entitled to discounts at Adnoc stations through a rewards scheme that includes refreshments and car washes.

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