Six new A380 aircraft will feature the new class by 2020

Emirates airline are continuously ranked as one of the best airlines in the world thanks to a combination of stellar service, a fantastic in-flight entertainment system and the fact that its planes have some of the roomiest cabins in the business.

Well, it looks like that last perk might be getting a pretty significant upgrade in the near future, as the Dubai-based airline is set to introduce a premium economy class as soon as 2020.

Premium economy is mostly found on international flights and sits between business and regular economy class. It generally offers passengers more legroom as well as extras such as adjustable headrests, legrests and lumbar support.

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To date, Emirates has not offered the service to its customers because its current fleet of Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s aren’t properly equipped for it. According to a report from Arabian Business, however, the airline has spec’d out a newly-ordered batch of A380 aircrafts (that it ordered in January 2018) to accommodate the additional travelling class.

The move to offer the new class to its passengers was revealed by Emirates airline president, Sir Tim Clark, on the company’s in-flight podcast series Emirates World. Clark mentions that the first six A380s featuring premium economy will arrive by 2020 and will up to the standard of quality travellers come to expect from the airline.

No details on pricing was revealed, yet if other international airlines are anything to go by we expect it to cost a touch more than the price of a standard economy ticket.

Would you be willing to pay more for a little extra leg room?

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