They would follow suit after several Waitrose outlets in the capital

Long since standard practice in many other countries, supermarkets in the UAE have been slow on the uptick when it comes to charging customers for plastic shopping bags at the checkout counter.

But it looks like that could be about to change, as The National reports that supermarket chain Spinneys is considering the move ahead of trials that will take place at several Waitrose outlets in Abu Dhabi.

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Spinneys and Waitrose are managed by the same parent company in the UAE, the Fine Fare Food Market group, who starting June 16, will be conducting a 12-week trial at five Waitrose supermarkets in the capital.

Customers visiting any of the participating Waitrose outlets will be charged Dhs0.25 per plastic bag, rather than be given them for free.

If the trial goes well, Spinneys could soon follow suit and also begin charging its customers for single-use plastic bags.

Would you be ok with paying for plastic bags at the checkout counter?

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