How’s this for customer service?

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that its vehicle licensing department will begin offering at-home services to residents starting next month.

The ‘Reaching-out-to-Customer’ initiative headed up by the RTA’s Licensing Agency will work with RTA accredited service providers to make it so you won’t have to head to an RTA office to handle “vehicle-related transactions” that require your signature – they will instead, handily, now come to you.

That means everything from vehicle ownership registration, transfer of vehicle ownership, vehicle export and change of vehicle ownership can now be done from the comfort of your own home. Especially helpful considering how hot the weather is about to get.

The only thing to remember is that any transaction fees will need to be paid in cash, so if you take advantage of the new service when it becomes available in July, be sure to have the proper amount handy.

Sultan Al Marzouqi, Director of Vehicles Licensing at RTA’s Licensing Agency said. “The objective of this initiative is to delight customers by reaching out to them anywhere in Dubai or other Emirates for processing their transactions through several representatives of service providers accredited by RTA,”

While we’re not sure if handling paperwork for our Yaris could ever be described as delightful, it sure is good to know that the new service will be available and soon.

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