Huawei is offering up to an additional Dhs200 back if you trade in your old smartphone

Isn’t it about time you upgraded your smartphone? That’s a question we ask ourselves on the regular but are often put off by the high price of a new handset. Dhs4,000+ for an iPhone X, um, no thank you.

For those who would rather not pay full price, Android phone manufacturer Huawei has just launched a new trade-in service in the UAE, allowing customers to swap their old smartphones for credit towards purchasing one of the company’s brand new devices. And your old phone doesn’t even have to be an existing Huawei device to qualify – they’ll accept everything from Samsung to Apple to Nokia and more.

To coincide with the launch of the new service, Huawei are also offering, until June 30, a bonus voucher of up to Dhs200 on top of the value of your old phone. They’ll even include a free laser engraving and a ‘surprise’ gift, regardless of the value of the phone.

You can check if your current phone qualifies for a trade-in by using the online evaluation tool on Huawei’s website. It asks for what kind of phone it is and the condition its in. You’ll then be given an estimated value that the phone can be traded in for and will need to take it to the Huawei service centre in Sky Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road to complete the transaction

We plugged our aging iPhone 6s Plus (it has some minor scratches but still works fine) into the evaluation tool and it spat back that we were entitled to a voucher of up to Dhs1,000 if we traded it in. That’s not an insubstantial amount, and brings down the cost of Huawei’s P20 Pro flagship phone from its usual retail price of around Dhs3,000 to a much more reasonable Dhs2,000. Not too shabby.

Apple offers a similar trade-in service in the UAE which is only valid for iPhones, iPads and Macbooks.

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