Who doesn’t love a movie on-the-go…

We all know Dubai has a love for the motion picture. There are over 300 cinema screens in the UAE, and that’s a lot.

But there is always room for more. This time though, it’s not a new multiplex or a state-of-the-art IMAX cinema… this time it’s a bus!

Yes, that’s right, there is a bus driving around Dubai showing movies in different areas.

Check out the mobile cinema bus…

The cinema bus, which has been transformed from its original life as a traditional London bus, is visiting labor camps across Dubai so that thousands can enjoy a movie in the evening.

The side of the bus acts as a giant screen whilst popcorn and refreshments are free for movie-goers.

Raffle draws and games add to the atmosphere of movie night, and as soon as the sun sets and the light has gone, it’s movie time!

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Even though the mobile cinema bus is only operating for a short time, we believe this can catch on in Dubai and we would love to see it as a regular fixture visiting different parts of town every night.

If we can get the bus home after the movie, that’s even better!

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