Get up close and personal with 33,000 fish, rays and shark from the comfort of your cage…

Looking for an underwater adventure this summer, but not an experienced diver? We reckon we’ve found just what you’re looking for, and you won’t even need to get your hair wet.

Al Boom Diving host daily activities at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo inside the Dubai Mall, from diving and snorkelling, to feeding sting ray. But with the Shark Walker, guests are invited to get up, close and personal with the marine life in the 10 million litre tank, from the comfort of a cage. 

The Shark Walker, which is offered twice a day, kicks off with a vital safety briefing on the second floor Aquarium entrance, so guests can learn all the key signals. Then, it’s time to get suited up in a wetsuit, matching shoes, and weighted belt so you don’t float up, before descending to the entrance of the cage.

Here, your instructor kits you out with an oxygenated helmet, which means no oxygen tank or goggles are needed.

Then, you’re ready to go.

The cage slowly descends five metres into the water, and suddenly you’ll find some 33,000 fish, rays and sharks swimming around you. The lower half and base are glass, while the upper half is caged bars, so don’t be surprised to find a fish or two swimming by you.

Here’s what happened when we checked it out:

Once inside the cage, you’ll get half an hour to walk, kneel and watch the divers feed the marine life around you. Just be sure to keep your fingers inside the cage…

From start to finish, the experience lasts around an hour and twenty minutes, and you’ll get a pass to the Underwater Zoo for afterwards as well. Priced at Dhs620 for this unique experience, we’d say that’s money well spent.

Shark Walker, Al Boom Diving at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Mall, twice daily, Dhs620 per person. Tel: (04). More info on website

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Images: What’s On