The 20km/hr buffer on all roads in the capital will be scrapped from next month…

Abu Dhabi police have announced some big changes to the speed limits on all internal and external roads in the capital and the surrounding emirate.

From August 12, the 20km/hr buffer over the marked speed limit applied to vehicles travelling on any roads in Abu Dhabi will be scrapped and all radars will be reset to adhere to the revised speed limits.

This means that, whereas previously, if you were driving down a road marked 60km/hr, you would be able to increase your speed to as much as 80km/hr before running the risk of receiving a fine. From next month this will no longer be the case, and in this example if you were to drive at even 61km/hr it would be considered above the speed limit.

The move is a result of studies conducted by police based on the road accidents index and traffic density on the roads, reports Gulf News.

An awareness campaign will launch in conjunction with the changes to educate motorists on the new limits which have been implemented to meet international standards.

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