CarrefourNow offers free delivery within the hour with no minimum spend…

Tired of schlepping it to the nearest supermarket to pick up your weekly shop? Thankfully, Dubai offers a number of options to get your groceries delivered right to your door. Something that’s particularly useful now that the summer has properly kicked in.

But the one hold out has always been the big kahuna of hypermarkets, Carrefour. Until now, that is.

The French-owned mega supermarket has finally launched its online delivery service and it’s offering a couple of added extras to entice shoppers to jump on board.

Firstly, CarrefourNow (as it’s called) offers free delivery with no minimum spend, meaning you can stock up on a week’s worth of groceries or quickly restock the toothpaste when it runs out.

We say quickly because Carrefour is promising to deliver your shopping (no matter the size of the order) within an hour. Pretty awesome, we know.

You simply need to plot your address into the website, fill up your (virtual) grocery basket and kick back until your order arrives.

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