A new video has been released showing the Hollywood actor jumping out of an airplane in the nation’s capital

It’s common knowledge that Hollywood star Tom Cruise does a lot of his own stunts, especially for his Mission: Impossible movies. And now footage of him performing a particularly scary one in Abu Dhabi has been released. The 30-minute long video shows him jumping 25,000ft out of an airplane in the desert.

The scene is part of his latest movie Mission: Impossible – Fallout, which is released in UAE cinemas later this month. You can see it in the video below – fast forward to around 22 minutes into the footage, where you can watch him boarding a UAE military plane before performing the stunt. The leap is called a High Altitude, Low Opening (HALO) jump and was performed on a C17 military plane.

The video is almost as gripping as a Hollywood movie. At one point, Cruise goes to the back of the plane to jump, but then walks back inside the plane – last minute nerves, maybe? Or just a chance to talk over the how they’re going to film the scene? Either way, he has to be one of the bravest actors in Tinsel Town to do a stunt like this.

You’ll notice that some parts of the video have no audio – this is deliberate, to avoid film spoilers. Reports suggest the scene was shot over ten days in the capital. You can see the final cut when the film hits UAE cinemas on July 26.

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