‘The Dubai Collection’ features rare prototype collectibles from the ’70s…

Consider yourself a Star Wars fan? Well, you probably don’t have anything on one anonymous Dubai resident who has put up their entire collection of Star Wars action figures for auction next month.

The 33-piece collection, which features mint condition figurines from the ’70s is reportedly valued at US$360,000 – that’s over a whopping one million Dirhams, people.

Star Wars action figures are highly sought after by pop culture collectors around the world, with older pieces fetching a handsome sum, especially if they are well-preserved in their original packaging.

‘The Dubai Collection’, as it’s known, includes rare hand-painted and hand-glued prototypes of figures that were never sold to the public.

Aside from mint-in-box copies of popular characters from the sprawling space saga like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, one key figure of Obi-Wan Kenobi from 1977 is expected to fetch upwards of US$25,000 (approx. Dhs91,800) alone.

The auction will be handled by Texas-based auction house, Heritage Auctions, and begins on August 2.

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Images: Heritage Auctions