You’ll be able to watch the latest blockbusters in super high definition with 3D-surround sound…

With the advent of massive flat-screen TVs and powerful surround sound speaker systems, watching movies at home has never been closer to a true cinema experience.

Which is precisely why movie theatres throughout the UAE are now going the extra mile to entice moviegoers off of their couches and back into theatres. Whether you want a 4DX experience that will blow wind and splash water at you, or a proper sit down meal with a pint, going to the cinema these days is a full-fledged event.

But for those that are in it for the pure movie-watching joy, there’s no greater experience than the Dolby Cinema – and now Reel Cinemas has announced they will be opening a new location at its megaplex at Dubai Mall.

Dolby Cinema is a premium cinema concept created by Dolby Laboratories that combines 4K laser-projected visuals with 3D surround sound and premium seating making films virtually ‘pop’ off the screen. Think of it as the super high definition equivalent to IMAX’s massive screen.

Reel Cinemas is keeping tight lipped on when the new cinema experience will open at Dubai Mall (all they’ve told us is that it’s “coming soon”), but for anyone who’s keen to get a sneak peek, a Dolby Cinema screening room is already open at Dubai Marina Mall.