More mobile data than you’d ever need but it doesn’t come cheap…

Etisalat has unveiled a suite of new mobile plan add-ons that offer customers a greater deal of payment flexibility and the option of a whole lot more mobile data.

A first for the UAE and the region, the four new ‘Annual Add-Ons’ allow Etisalat postpaid customers to get their yearly allowance of data and/or minutes up-front, whilst paying them off in 12-monthly installments.

Here’s how the packages breakdown:

Yup, that’s right – you’re now able to opt for 1,000 gigabytes (or 1 Terabyte) of mobile data for a whopping Dhs1,000 a month. Ouch.

We’re not entirely sure what anyone would need with that much data, but Etisalat say the benefits of such a plan include the flexibility of being able to use all your data as and when you want to without worrying about losing any unused monthly allowance.

Still, the crazy 1TB plan aside, the more sensible options of 100GB and 50GB plus 2000 flexible minutes don’t seem completely unreasonable for an additional Dhs100 on top of your regular monthly bill, particularly if you happen to be someone who watches a lot (and it would have to be A LOT) of YouTube on the go.

If you’re interested in activating any of the new add-ons you can do so either via the My Etisalat app or by visiting an Etisalat Business Centre.

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