Police urge motorists to avoid “rubbernecking” so that emergency services can access accident sites quicker…

Abu Dhabi Police have issued a warning to motorists in the capital to not slow down and stare when passing by traffic accidents. Anyone caught doing so can be slapped with a Dhs1,000 fine.

This practice of “rubbernecking” can often lead to increased traffic congestion around accident sites making it difficult for emergency services to reach them in time and ultimately putting people’s lives at risk.

According to Gulf News, the move comes after a recent accident on the Dubai – Al Ain Road where nine people sustained injuries after a speeding vehicle crashed into a parked car. Due to the large number of bystanders, ambulance and police patrols were delayed in reaching the site.

“Rubbernecking is considered as an uncivilised type of behavior that can endanger the lives of other road users. Motorists should not slow down to watch traffic accidents, as doing so can cause further traffic congestion and prevent ambulances from arriving at the scene on time,” said Colonel Ahmad Al Zuwaidi, director of traffic in Al Ain.

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