The new underpass will be open to the public from Friday…

The RTA has announced that it will open a new two-lane tunnel linking the Airport Street and Marrakech Street on Friday, July 20.

The tunnel will hopefully improve traffic flow between the two major roadways that are located in a densely populated area which has several schools as well as a number of government offices and private businesses.

The underpass is part of the ‘Improvement of Airport-Marrakech Streets Junction’ project which included the construction of two bridges with three lanes in each direction on Airport Street, and a ramp that leads to Dubai International Airport Terminal 3, bypassing the traffic signal.

It also included the construction of a third bridge leading to the the site where the Dubai Airshow is typically held, the recently renamed Dubai Aviation Engineering project.

The statement from the RTA revealed that the new underpass should cut the waiting time at the junction from seven minutes to less than one minute which is great news for anyone who regularly travels this route too and from work.

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