The number of calls has escalated to a point where the government has felt the need to step in…

Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) has put out a warning for real estate brokers in the emirate to dial back on cold calling.

According to a report in Gulf News, the regulatory body said that they have received numerous complaints from investors and customers who have been contacted by brokers out of the blue, either attempting to promote their properties, or offering to manage the person’s property, even if they don’t currently have one listed for sale.

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With over 2,100 brokers’ offices registered in Dubai, and some 5,200 agents, the number of calls has escalated to a level where RERA has felt the need to step in and do something.

Real estate brokerage firms will need to obtain permission from RERA if they want to proceed with telemarketing or SMS messages, notes the article, while communication via WhatsApp is strictly not allowed. RERA’s regulations state that brokers are not allowed to “cause inconvenience to such property owners by using such unprofessional tactics.”

Any brokers found violating the terms set by RERA will be at first issued a warning, with repeat offenders facing fines of up to Dhs50,000.

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