Fancy a body scrub, algae wrap and massage at Nikki Spa?

You’d be forgiven for associating the words Nikki Beach with lavish poolside parties, bottle service complete with a boat load of sparklers and a rotation of international DJs. But tucked between the hotel’s resort and beach club, you’ll also find Nikki Spa.

As well as the usual standard massages and facials you’ll find all over the city, it also offers an exclusive range of signature treatments with one aim – to promote a sense of calm. They come with names such as Revive, Retreat and Renew, and it’s the latter that What’s On opted for.

The treatment rooms at Nikki Spa are light and airy and the therapist successfully manages to get the balance of music (a mash-up of slow tempo acoustic pop songs and tropical instrumental tracks that wouldn’t sound misplaced in a tiki bar), temperature (slightly cool, complemented by a heated massage bead) and aroma (a floral fragrant mix) just right. The 110-minute treatment is designed to detoxify, renew and rejuvenate the skin and is split into three parts. The treatment begins with a full-body scrub designed to exfoliate the skin and cleanse pores. This it certainly does, and while it’s a little rough, we can feel the dead skin cells lifting.

The second part of the treatment involves a heavy smothering of an algae lotion. Despite the swamp connotations, the moisturising treatment smells as good as it feels. Once complete, we’re wrapped in a plastic layer to allow the algae to soak through skin and while we allow the wrap to work its magic, the therapist begins a detailed scalp massage that starts from the back of the neck and goes through to the temples.

After a brief shower-off, newly silky-smooth skin is then treated to a full-body, deep muscle massage that places a heavier focus on tight back knots.

Renew is the perfect name for this treatment, as it’s exactly how we feel when leaving the spa.

Nikki Beach Resort and Spa, Peal Jumeirah, daily 9am to 10pm, normally Dhs845 (50 per cent off until August 31). Tel: (04) 376 6150.

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