Fortune Favours Art will give Middle East art collectors access to famous international artists as well as focusing on regional talent…

Art aficionados get excited – the London-based conceptual art house, Fortune Favours Art has officially entered the UAE market, offering collectors access to some of the world’s most sought-after contemporary and street art.

The brainchild of British entrepreneur, Louis Wright, Fortune Favours Art will, via its newly-launched website, not only promote and sell the work of international artists but also have a focus on Middle Eastern pieces as well.

Art lovers will be able to choose from a mix of originals and prints to purchase, with a physical exhibition space expected to open in Dubai in the fourth quarter of 2018.

“Fortune Favours Art will bridge a gap between western and contemporary street art by working alongside a number of Middle East-based artists, educational institutions, hospitality venues, exhibitions and museums” said Wright in an official statement.

The initial lineup of work on offer is currently not disclosed (a countdown timer on the website shows that it will be revealed in a little over one month) but the company has collaborated with some heavy-hitters in the international art scene since it launched in 2017, including Banksy, Richard Hambleton, John-Michel Basquiat, Harland Miller, KAWS, the Connor Brothers, Damien Hirst and Ben Eine. All of whom are now accessible to local collectors directly through Wright.

That’s a pretty impressive list that should make any art connoisseur’s palms sweaty.

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