61 students, staff and faculty from the American University of Sharjah came together to recreate the Raphael’s ‘School of Athens’

Students at the American University of Sharjah (AUS) have brought to life one Renaissance Italy’s most famous works of art, Raphael’s ‘School of Athens’.

The re-enactment was led by a team of seven architecture students at the university, bringing together 61 students, staff and faculty, each portraying one of the famous figures from history depicted in the original painting.

The original work, which currently resides in the Pope’s apartments at the Vatican, includes a who’s who of history’s greatest philosophers, poets, mathematicians, astronomers, physicians and architects including the likes Alexander the Great, Socrates and Leonardo da Vinci.

Various parts of the university’s campus were combined to create the backdrop and the final image was stitched together digitally from a series of smaller photos.

Here’s the original ‘School of Athens’ for reference

And here’s the AUS students’ re-enactment

How close do you think they go it?

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