The Crown Prince swims alongside a pair of massive whale sharks in an epic video posted to social media…

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is certainly no stranger to posting his daring exploits to social media – but this latest one might just be his most jaw-dropping escapade to date.

The Crown Prince of Dubai posted what we consider to be the ultimate Shark Week selfie to his Insta feed, posing a little too close for comfort in front of an enormous whale shark.

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To accompany the epic shot, Fazza then followed up with a thrilling video (with high production values to rival those of Shark Week purveyors Discovery Channel themselves) that shows him swimming alongside a pair of the majestic underwater creatures.

The Prince captioned the video with “Swimming with these giant sharks is truly a breathtaking experience, one that is difficult to put into words. The more we swim with these creatures, the more we understand, respect and appreciate them.”

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Luckily for Faz, it turns out that whale sharks aren’t actually dangerous to humans. They are the most benign of all the sharks, preferring to hoover up microscopic plankton rather than bite larger prey.

This week marks the 30th anniversary of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, where the nature-focused network spotlights the animals through a series of targeted programming. We reckon that this Sheikh Hamdan selfie is probably the best piece of viral marketing they could have ever hoped for.

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Images: Instagram