We have officially reached peak Dubai stunts…

The daredevils at XDubai have pulled off some crazy stunts in the past but we’re pretty sure that this latest one takes the proverbial cake.

A video posted to their Instagram account on Monday shows one of the XDubai team base jumping from the very top of the Burj Khalifa. Gulp.

To make things even more heart-pounding, the whole thing is filmed in a first-person perspective and the jumper remains eerily quiet throughout with just the sound of the wind flapping against the camera’s microphone.

Let’s just say we’d be a lot more, ahem, vocal if we were taking that kind of plunge.

The video cuts out before it reaches the ground but it’s still pretty thrilling stuff. And the view’s not bad either. Check out the video below:

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As always, it should be noted that XDubai are trained professionals and these stunts are carried out under controlled conditions with appropriate safety conditions.

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